Physics Terms

Major physics terms are explained in these articles. Here you can learn about some of the fundamental physics concepts.


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What Is Planck's Constant, and Why Does the Universe Depend on It?

Planck's constant, which made an appearance in the Netflix series "Stranger Things," is one of the most important differences between reality at the atomic and subatomic level and what we can see around us.

Why Is 137 the Most Magical Number?

The number 137, which is significant in multiple applications, has long been an object of fascination for physicists, mathematicians and mystics.

Researchers 'Teleport' Virtual Lemonade Using Sensors and Bluetooth

When life gives you water and pH and color data ... make lemonade?

It's the End of Moore's Law as We Know It (But Not Really)

Moore's longstanding law might have only a few years left as far as cramming more stuff into a square inch of silicon. But what if you cram upward?

Neutrinos: The Breadcrumbs Leading Us to Physics’ Big Answers

These super common, nearly massless subatomic particles shoot across space at near the speed of light. And they could help us to understand dark matter.

How are frequency and wavelength of light related?

Frequency has to do with wave speed and wavelength is a measurement of a wave's span. Learn how frequency and wavelength of light are related in this article.