Cell Biology Videos
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Assignment Discovery: Cell DNA
All forms of life have the same base and biochemistry -- cells. The DNA in a cell varies depending on the species. This clip from "Assingnment Discovery" on Discovery Channel shows the differences.
Assignment Discovery: Cell Nutrition
Plant cells nourish themselves while animal and human cells need to be nourished by food consumption. Learn more about cell nutrition on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Cell Reproduction
This clip from Assignment Discovery explores the reproduction of cells.
Assignment Discovery: Introduction to the Cell
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn about the cell, the building block for all living things.
Assignment Discovery: Obesity Fat Cell
On the Discovery Channel series, "Assignment Discovery" we learn about how fat cell variants found in genes can contribute to obesity.
Assignment Discovery: Prokaryotes The First Cells
Prokaryotes were the first cells on Earth. Learn more about prokaryotes on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Reproduction and Growth of Cells
The reproduction and growth of cells is explained in this clip from Assignment Discovery on "Discovery Channel."
Assignment Discovery: Tissue Engineering
By studying the cells, scientists will soon be able to grow tissues, blood vessels, cartilage, bone and skin. Learn more about <a href="http://news.discovery.com/videos/tech-engineering-tissue.html">tissue engineering</a> on Discovery Channel's "Assignmen
Extreme Bodies: Fat Cells
Fat cells develop steadily from birth to the early twenties. Research shows that it's only the size of the cells in individuals that differs. Learn more about fat and metabolism in "Extreme Bodies" on Discovery Channel.