Earthquakes are one of the most terrifying and destructive natural disasters. Learn about the causes and results of earthquakes.
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A Closer Look at Earthquakes
Watch this video about earthquakes on HowStuffWorks. The 1906 earthquake is one of the strongest in California's history and geologists are learning more and more about how the earth's mantle shifts and squeezes, ultimately resulting in earthquakes. See h
A Closer Look at Earthquakes
Watch this video about earthquakes on HowStuffWorks. The 1906 earthquake is one of the strongest in California's history and geologists are learning more and more about how the earth's mantle shifts and squeezes, ultimately resulting in earthquakes. See h
Animals: China's Pets Find Shelter After Quake
Volunteer organizations, like Animals Asia, are helping earthquake survivors find shelter for their pets after a decree from the Chinese government banned them from tent cities. Learn more in this Discovery Channel video.
Assignment Discovery: Indonesia Tsunami
On the Discovery Channel series, "Assignment Discovery," learn details of the catastrophic chain of events that took place in Indonesia, during a disastrous tsunami.
Assignment Discovery: Niagara Falls
Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," explains how Niagara Falls was created, and how it has changed through time. Learn about the significance of the Niagara gorge.
Calculating Death Tolls
Calculating death tolls after a catastrophic event can be a complicated process. Numbers are gathered from all the local areas and combined to get the estimate. However, errors are common, and the margin of error can be quite large.
Discovery News: Could Costner Handle This Waterworld?
This Week in Discovery News we talk about zoos filled with clones and robo-animals, magma on the moon and an exoplanet completely covered in water.
Earth: Pacific Northwest Megaquake Imminent
New research shows the Pacific Northwest faces high probability of a mega-earthquake in the next 50 years. Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what this means for cities like Seattle.
What are the odds there will be an earthquake in the next 100 years?
Earthquake Simulation 2
What exactly is an earthquake? Find out in this Discovery video, which features scenes of a simulated earthquake
Earthquake Simulation 3
Major earthquakes are actually less common than minor quakes. Learn more about earthquakes in this clip from the archives of Discovery.
Earthquake Testing 1
In this clip from the archives of Discovery, find out what science can --and can't-- predict when it comes to earthquakes.
Exploring Time: Earthquakes
On the Science Channel series, "Exploring Time," discover how earthquakes work and what causes them.
FEMA, the New Madrid Fault
Experts say there's a 10% chance that the US will experience a severe earthquake within the next 50 years. However, some conspiracy theorists believe a quake is due much sooner -- and that FEMA is preparing for it in secret. Why? Tune in to learn more.
How Earthquakes Work
How do earthquakes work? Learn more about earthquakes in this HowStuffWorks video.
Human: Haiti Needs Long-Term Help, Doctor Says
As relief workers struggle to help the Haitian earthquake victims, they face enormous challenges. Dr. Howard McCollister talks about what the impoverished nation needs from the world now, and in the future.
Indonesia Earthquake Relief, from UNICEF
Watch this UNICEF video about earthquake relief in Indonesia on HowStuffWorks. When a 6.3 earthquake shocked Indonesia, UNICEF mobilized to provide cooking and water supplies for the many whose homes were destroyed. See how earthquake relief works in this
MegaQuake: Absolute Devastation
Local resident, Katsuyoshi Hayasaka, heads back to his hometown to search for his house in all of the scattered debris.
MegaQuake: Earth Shattering
Watch as the horror of the megaquake is unleashed in Japanese residential areas.
MegaQuake: In The Midst of A Crisis
Watch as tsunami waves begin to crash down on the Japanese coast, causing turmoil and disaster.
MegaQuake: Is the United States Next?
Three hotspots within the "Ring of Fire" have blown in the past year. Therefore, is the fault line off the west coast of the United States next in line to reach it's breaking point?
MegaQuake: Lurking Disaster
What is seemingly a normal day in Japan, is about to turn into one of the most deadly nightmares ever recorded in earthquake history.
MegaQuake: Nuclear Catastrophe
The massive earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami, have joined forces to cause yet another catastrophe in Japan, a nuclear melt down.
MegaQuake: Overpowering Tsunami
The aftermath of the megaquake off Japan's coast caused the formation of a tsunami, which swept ocean water across the continent, 6 miles onto shore before coming to a hault.
MythBusters: Tory Belleci in Haiti
Tory Belleci takes you inside the orphanage he visited while volunteering in post-earthquake Haiti during his break from filming MythBusters.
Nuclear Nightmare: Containing a Disaster
Paula Zahn takes us inside the dramatic story in Japan at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Nuclear Nightmare: Everything on the Line
In the midst of a nuclear nightmare, the brave workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant volunteered to stay and help diffuse the situation, even with the understanding that they could be exposed to deadly radiation.
Nuclear Nightmare: Nuclear Meltdown
As fresh water evaporates, hydrogen gas begins to build inside the reactors at the Fukushima power plant, which could lead to overheating.
Nuclear Nightmare: Tsunami Force
What happens when a tsunami begins to overtake a nuclear power plant on the coast of Japan?
Planet 100: Chilean Earthquake Alters Time (3/3)
The Chilean earthquake was so powerful it shifted the Earth's axis and shorted our day by milliseconds, Google takes on solar energy and the Discovery Channel brings us Life.
Planet 100: Haiti Rebuilds
More devastation possible in Haiti, US Green Building Council wants to help Haiti Rebuild Green, and celebrities call for support. This is today's Planet 100.
Planet 100: Massive Coal Explosion
Death toll rises from coal explosion, Exxon owes no taxes, and the Mexican earthquake shot on video all on today's Planet 100.
Planet 100: Robots to the Rescue
Today, on Planet 100, a fleet of robots is reading to respond to the next offshore oil disaster, an earthquake in New Zealand caused damage but also may have created a new fault line in the earth's crust, and an ad campaign sells "fresh air."
Pompeii: Earthquake and Bones
The perfectly preserved skeletons are frozen in time, giving scientists a wealth of information on how the people of Pompeii lived.
Scanning Earthquakes with Virtual Reality
Watch this video about geology on HowStuffWorks. UC Davis has built a virtual reality cave; researchers don't have to look at flat, 2-D maps anymore. Using a radar scanning technique called Lidar, geologists can better measure earthquakes at a distance. S
Smash Lab: Earthquake-Proof House
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Smash Lab," the crew tests motion-isolation systems on themselves and a model house.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: Ancient Earthquakes
In the 4th century BC, the ancient Greek town of Helike was probably destroyed by the same forces that wiped out Atlantis.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: Earthquake Proof
During his Atlantis investigation, Olly takes a look at the Rio Antirio Bridge in Greece that's been designed to withstand earthquakes that plague this region.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: Ruins of Atlantis
Standing atop the island of Santorini, Olly makes a strong case that this site matches Plato's description of where a great city was swallowed by the sea.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: The Atlantis Mystery
Plato wrote the first account of this mighty city brought down by nature's fury and Olly is determined to test the truth behind the tale.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: Tsunami Sleuths
On the island of Crete investigating the Atlantis legend, Olly finds evidence of a 100-foot-high tsunami that wiped out the Minoan civilization 3600 years ago.
Solving History with Olly Steeds: Volcanic Hell
Olly pays a visit to Sicily where he gets a close look inside Mt. Etna and wonders if the same type of massive volcano could have destroyed Atlantis.
Understanding: Loma Prieta Earthquake
On TLC's "Understanding," watch eyewitness accounts of the collapse of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco after the Loma Prieta earthquake.
What Are the Odds? Earthquake
What are the odds there will be an earthquake in the next 100 years? Learn more about the probability of earthquakes in this video.