10 Fastest Things in the Universe

"I feel the need, the need for speed." Paramount Pictures/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Much like Tom Cruise or that other dude in "Top Gun," we occasionally find ourselves feeling the need for speed. Sometimes that means piloting an F-14A Tomcat aircraft with abandon in the skies, and sometimes, as we'll see later, that means playing a video game as fast as you can. Whatever gets you revved up.

Since you already know that light is the fastest thing around, we'll look at what other speedy items our universe, and maybe even a fictional universe or two, has to offer -- from animals to superheroes and planets to toilets. Because, yes, it stands to reason that if toilets can move, then there must be one that moves fastest. And don't tell me you're not curious to know which one holds that honor.

So leash your cheetah, tell Usain Bolt to take a knee and buckle your seat belt as we power through our list of fastest things.