10 Space Landmarks We'd Like to Visit

The Moon: Sea of Tranquility
Without any wind to blow them away, the footprints on the moon aren't going anywhere. This one is from Buzz Aldrin's boot. Image courtesy NASA

What better way to kick off your space sightseeing tour than following in the footsteps of the trailblazers? And what better place to honor space pioneers than the site where Apollo 11 touched down and humans first put boot to moon dust? Visit the Eagle lander, blow some dust off of the lunar laser ranging retroreflector array used by Earth-based scientists to measure lunar distance, and literally walk in the still-preserved footprints of Neil Armstrong. Then again, maybe you should just take pictures -- and set up some really, really high museum rails to compensate for the moon's low gravity (about one-sixth Earth's).

Not coincidentally, Mare Tranquillitatis also happens to provide ideal landing conditions, by lunar standards. It's flat, smooth and slopes a mere 2 degrees [source: NASA]. But why stop there? Head to Apollo 14's Fra Mauro Formation and hunt down Alan Shepard's golf balls, then take Apollo 17's moon buggy for a spin around the Taurus-Littrow valley.

If nothing else, it'll be worth the trip just to finally stifle those conspiracy wing nuts who say NASA staged the moon landings at a Burbank studio.