How Bradley Fighting Vehicles Work

By: Kevin Bonsor
M2A1 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Photo courtesy Department of Defense - Defense Visual Information Center

Before and during combat, the U.S. military uses the Bradley Fighting Vehicle to scout enemy positions and transport troops into hostile territory. This 500-horsepower, amphibious vehicle has enough armaments to destroy enemy tanks and provide protective fire for the troops it carries to battle.

Developed as a replacement for the M113 series of armored personnel carriers, the Bradley is more powerful and faster than its predecessor. There are two main variations of the Bradley: the M2 and the M3. The primary purpose of the M2 is to provide transport to battle, and the M3 is designed to battle enemy tanks and perform reconnaissance.


In this article, we'll ride into battle with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. You will learn about the Bradley's power and weaponry and how it was developed.