Green Technology

Green technology is technology that produces clean energy, helps repair environmental damages or offers solutions to wasteful practices.

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Some of the newest ideas in technology come from very old ideas -- they're inspired by nature. How do the plants and animals around us give engineers ideas?

By Jonathan Strickland

Do you find it easy being green? If you're one of the millions of smartphone users out there, these applications will help you make being green even easier.

By Jonathan Strickland

Eco-plastic seems like an oxymoron, and it very well may be. What exactly is eco-plastic, and does it really help the environment?

By Julia Layton


You probably ignore most billboards, especially those annoying ones that read, "If you lived here, you could be home by now!" But what if that giant ad you drove past were alive?

By Robert Lamb

There's nothing that innovative about a tricycle or a water filtration system -- but when the two are combined, it's a different story. The Aquaduct Mobile Water Filtration Vehicle might be the answer to water scarcity and contamination.

By Cristen Conger