10 Incredible Dragons We'd Like to Meet (or Run From)

The constellation Draco.
The constellation Draco.
IAU/Sky & Telescope Magazine/ Roger Sinnott, Rick Fienberg and Alan MacRobert

To see the dragon that tops our list, all you have to do is look at the northern sky on a clear night in the northern hemisphere. Draco, the dragon constellation, is a beast with a snakelike body; sometimes it's depicted with wings and legs, sometimes without. This constellation has been identified since ancient times, and there are many myths surrounding the benevolent star dragon. It played a central role in Greek mythology when Zeus took its form to escape his father, Cronus -- who, by the way, had eaten the rest of his other children [source: Brittanica Encyclopedia, Hunt]. Seems like pretending to be a dragon was the way to go.

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