Bulrush, any one of many large, rushlike plants found in marshy land and in water. These plants range in height from one to nine feet (30 to 270 cm). Some bulrush plants are leafless, some have long narrow leaves, and others have short leaves sheathing the base of the plant stem. Bristly spikes of tiny, usually brownish flowers are borne atop the stems. The stems of various species are used in basketry and matting.

Several plants not of this genus are often called bulrush, including the Egyptian papyrus plant, the common rush, and (in England) the cattail.

Bulrush plants make up the genus Scirpus of the sedge family, Cyperaceae. Species that grow in North America include the common bulrush, S. lacustris, and the chairmaker's rush, S. americanus.

also Flowering Plant (picture).