Edelweiss, a perennial herb of the composite family. The name, referring to its flowers, means "noble white.'' Edelweiss is native to the high mountains of Europe and Central Asia, particularly in the Swiss Alps. It is the national flower of Switzerland. Edelweiss grows from 4 to 12 inches (10 to 30 cm) tall. Star-shaped, silver-white or yellow flowers are borne in small heads surrounded by petal-like, white, wooly bracts (modified leaves). The long, narrow leaves are sage green on top and white underneath. One species, the alpine edelweiss, is cultivated for gardens and is commonly grown in North America.

The alpine edelweiss is Leontopodium alpinum of the family Compositae.

EdelweissEdelweiss is a small alpine herb with white, star-shaped flowers.