Flowering Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Flowering plants, shrubs and trees provide the environment with much needed oxygen and fight soil erosion. They also provide food and shelter for many animals, as well as contribute to the fertility of soil with their dead leaves and flowers.

Plants Can Defend Themselves by Making Caterpillars Turn Cannibal

An interesting defense mechanism recently observed in tomato plants has caterpillars turning on themselves rather than remaining vegetarian.

These Pine Trees Almost Always Lean Toward the Equator

Cook pines are known to be a little tipsy. But a group of researchers just discovered that the trees' tilt isn't random — no matter their location on the globe, they lean toward the equator.

Southern California Desert Showered With Best Super Bloom in 20 Years

Heavy rains have set the Southern California desert near San Diego on fire — with wildflowers. The phenomenon known as a "super bloom" is peaking for the next few weeks.

Clever App Uses Smartphone Camera to Identify Plant Species

We may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but plants? A smartphone app has that covered.

This Tree Is Europe's Oldest Living Organism — Sort of, Kind of, Maybe

Saying what the oldest thing alive is can be tough, because you have to define "alive" as well as "thing." But still, this Greek tree's got serious years.

Newly Discovered Orchid Sports Freaky Little Demon Face

High in the Colombian Andes, a tiny flower houses a devilish little visage — or does it?

10 Plants Lost to History

Are trees and shrubs as cute as pandas? As awe inspiring as whales? Maybe not, but many are in danger of going the way of the dodo — just like countless leafy greens before them. Learn about some amazing plants we lost to history.

Plants May Have Proteins Like the Ones That Cause Mad Cow Disease

It probably is, and now researchers think they may have spied these mysterious misfolding proteins in plants for the first time.

Death Valley Fills With Wildflowers Every 10 Years – It's Happening Right Now

Amazing images of the current wildflower "super bloom" in the desert park, a once-in-a-decade occurrence that can happen in El Nino years.

Lazy Cheating Plant Lives Underground, Outsources Photosynthesis to Fungus

A newly discovered plant on a subtropical Japanese island survives without sunlight, and only rarely rears its head above ground. How is that possible?