Sansevieria, a genus of herbaceous perennial plants native to tropical and southern Africa and parts of Asia. There are about 60 species. Some species are grown as houseplants for their foliage and are sometimes called snakeplants. Other species, called bowstring hemp, are cultivated for their fiber, which is used in making ropes.

Sansevieria leaves are usually long and narrow, ranging from 6 to 24 inches (15 to 60 cm) in length, depending on the species. The dark green or gray-green leaves may have a distinct yellow margin, green horizontal bands, or yellow vertical stripes. Sansevierias thrive in a warm, dry atmosphere and do not require much sunlight.

The genus Sansevieria belongs to the agave family, Agavaceae. A species commonly cultivated as a houseplant is S. thyrsiflora.