Did you know the sun is highly magnetic? Or that you can create a power propulsion system using magnets? Learn all about magnetism in these videos.
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Did you know the sun is highly magnetic? See how magnetism affects solar emissions on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Magnetism of the Sun
Did you know the sun is highly magnetic? See how magnetism affects solar emissions on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Dual Survival: Scratch Compass
Dave creates a compass out of magnet from a dive mask, water, and a flashlight lens.
Extreme Engineering: Maglev Train
Engineers are testing an experimental train that floats on a magnetic field, called Maglev, for magnetic levitation. Learn more about this speedy vehicle on Discovery Channel's series, "Extreme Engineering."
G Word: Magnetic Power
See how magnets are used to generate power in this video from Planet Green's "G Word" series.
Head Rush: Magnetic Boats
Watch to see how Kari creates a power propulsion system without any moving parts.
Hyperspeed: World's Fastest Train
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Hyperspeed," Engineer Robert Budell explains the technology behind magnetic levitation trains, the fastest trains on the planet.
It's Me or the Dog: Understanding Dog Packs
It's important to understand where dogs come from. In this webisode of Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog," Victoria gives a fun lesson with fridge magnets.
Kapow Superhero Science: Magnetic Levitation
The ability to levitate objects through magnetism is investigated on The Science Channel's "Kapow! Superhero Science."
MythBusters: Exploding Tattoo MiniMyth
Will your tattoo, which contains traces of metal, explode during an MRI? See what Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Scottie Chapman discovered in 2004.
Penn & Teller Tell A Lie: Magnet Tattoo Removal
Penn and Teller reveal how they concocted the magnet tattoo removal lie.
Really Big Things: Moving Steel
On Discovery Channel's "Really Big Things," host Matt Rogers shows us how to move steel. In order to move steel you must use a large magnet.
Really Big Things: Printing Process of Feeding the Kite
In the printing process, you must feed what is called a kite. The kite is a magnetic proof of a newspaper. See how it is lined up to giant rolls of paper with host Matt Rogers on Discovery Channel's "Really Big Things."
Some Assembly Required: Guitar Strings
Learn how to attach guitar strings to a guitar on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
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