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It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a stealthy military aircraft. Take a look behind the scenes at special planes and technology used in warfare and peace-keeping.

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Battle Science: Camouflage on Airplanes

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn how camouflage on airplanes was utilized in World War II.

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn how camouflage on airplanes was utilized in World War II.

Battle Science: Camouflage on Airplanes

On The Learning Channel's "Battle Science," learn how the SR-71 Blackbird was created.

Battle Science: Creation of the SR 71 Blackbird

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn how camouflage work for jets.

Battle Science: Jet Camouflage

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn how stealth is worked into the makeup of jets.

Battle Science: Jet Stealth

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn about the features of the SR-71 Blackbird.

Battle Science: SR 71 Blackbird Technology

On TLC's "Battle Science," learn how stealth was used in making more effective fighter planes.

Battle Science: Stealth Fighter Planes

On Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence," learn about the possible health risks that some experts believe are caused by chemtrails from jets.

Best Evidence: Contrail Analysis and Health

Air traffic in the United States has increased dramatically. On Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence," activists discuss how they believe there's more to the story when it comes to the amounts and variety of contrail patterns.

Best Evidence: Contrail Patterns

On Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence," researchers argue against the theory that there is a secret weather modification program being conducted by the government.

Best Evidence: Contrail Weather Modification

Military operations can be severely affected by weather conditions. On Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence," activists theorize that the military is creating chemtrails with jets in order to modify the weather.

Best Evidence: US Military Chemtrail Activity

Somewhere across the ocean the V-22 Osprey is preparing to take a flight to Iraq. Get a close-up look at this amazing tilt rotor aircraft in this video from the Military Channel.

Flight of the Osprey: Flight

Thanks to huge devices called nacelles, the Osprey can transition between being a plane and being a helicopter. Take a look at this video to see how these vehicles work.

Flight of the Osprey: Nacelles

Watch as the Osprey heads out on the aircraft's first tactical mission. Be sure to check out the rest of this Military Channel series for a closer look at the Osprey V-22.

Flight of the Osprey: Tactical Mission

These days, Marine pilots work to prove the critics wrong when it comes to the V-22's troubled past. With Osprey already deployed in battle conditions, this tilt rotor vehicle finally has a chance to shine.

Flight of the Osprey: Troubled Past

On Discovery Channel's "Future Weapons," The B-2 stealth bomber is flown by a computer, so the pilots can concentrate on the mission. The stealth bomber carries the joint direct attack munition (JDAM) bomb which is highly accurate.

Future Weapons: B2 Block 30

Watch as the Chinook CH 47 helicopter is assembled in a factory in Philadelphia on the Military Channel's "GI Factory."

GI Factory: Manufacturing the Chinook

On Discovery Channel's "Secret Satellite," learn about the U2 spy plane that flew reconnaissance missions over Soviet territory in 1952. Even though they tried, the Soviets could not shoot down the high flying U2.

Secret Satellite: U2 Spy Plane

In 1929 the famous Question Mark was refueled in the air 43 times making air-to-air refueling a reality. Learn more about aerial refueling on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Aerial Refueling

Without air-to-air refueling, missions over North Vietnam could not have been flown. Learn about the significance of air-to-air refueling in the Vietnam War on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Aerial Refueling in the Vietnam War

In World War II, it became clear that the ability to rain bombs onto an enemy was only useful if the enemy did not control his airspace. Learn more about aerial battles during World War II on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Air Supremacy in World War II

In the late 1940s, air-to-air refueling first had to be tested on the ground before pilots risked their lives in the air. Watch footage of early ground tests on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Air to Air Refueling Ground Tests

On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," watch a test trial of the Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker as it attempts to refuel a jet in the air.

Strange Planes: Air to Air Refueling Test

On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," learn about early designs for bomber planes, such as the Barling Bomber, which were developed during World War I.

Strange Planes: Early Bombers

On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," the need for air-to-air refueling gave a new set of considerations to the design of fuel systems and fuel storage.

Strange Planes: Fuel Storage Made for Aerial Refueling

On Discovery Channel's "Weekday Wings," discover some of the first pusher helicopters to ever take to the skies such as the Huey Cobra.

Strange Planes: Huey Cobra and Pusher Helicopters

Aerial refueling might be a daily routine, but it is never an easy task. Watch as a military jet is refueled on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: In Flight Refueling Procedures

On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," learn about the important invention of the steam powered catapult and how it led to the development of more effective jets.

Strange Planes: Invention of the Steam Catapult

Air-to-air refueling becomes extremely cumbersome when the two planes are not matched in speed. Learn more about air-to-air refueling on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Jet Struggles to Get Aerial Refueling

On Discovery Channel's "Weekday Wings," the Cheyenne helicopter design was unique for its day in that it had a pusher propeller to boost high speed performance.

Strange Planes: Lockheed Cheyenne

Once air-to-air refueling became mainstream it permeated every corner of the United States Air Force. Learn more about aerial refueling on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Military Aerial Tankers

The United States Navy was forced to create its own air-to-air refueling methods on account of carrier space limitations. On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," watch as a Navy jet attempts to refuel in the air.

Strange Planes: Navy Aerial Refueling

Several parasitic airplanes were developed for the military, although their success was limited. Learn more in the Discovery Channel series, "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Operational Parasite Planes

The Pegasus airplane had a breakthrough engine that helped the plane's shape and capability be more like a helicopter. Learn more with this clip from Discovery Channel's series, "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Pegasus Engine

The Vietnam conflict clearly illustrated the necessity of air-to-air refueling. In 1972 alone, the tankers flew 194,687 refueling missions. Learn more about air-to-air refueling in the Vietnam War on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: Refueling Tankers

On Discovery Channel's "Weekend Wings," learn about the role air attacks played in winning World War II.

Strange Planes: Strategic Bombing in World War II

The flying boom is a retractable tube that a tanker aircraft uses to refuel other aircraft in flight. It is what makes air-to-air refueling possible. Learn more about the flying boom on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: The Flying Boom

On Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes," learn about the KC-135, a tanker aircraft designed by Boeing that is used for air-to-air refueling.

Strange Planes: The KC 135 Stratotanker

On Discovery Channel's "Weekday Wings," learn about the XB-35 and YB-49, two Northrop flying wing prototypes, once thought to revolutionize aircraft, but now are only part of aviation folklore.

Strange Planes: The Northrop XB35 and YB49

The importance of winning aerial battles was realized after World War II. This led to the development of better and faster jet engine fighters. Learn more about aerial combat on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: World War II Air Combat

The XC142 was a big plane with four engines and four propellers. The XC142 was commissioned for use by the military, but production was later terminated. Learn more in Discovery Channel's series, "Strange Planes."

Strange Planes: XC142 Plane

On Discovery Channel's "Weapons that Changed the World," learn about the features on the Apache Longbow helicopter.

Weapons that Changed the World: Apache Helicopter

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