Science on the Go: Mass Matters
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Science on the Go: Part 1: Mass Matters
The Prius v has over 67 cubic feet of storage space -- but what does that mean, exactly? In this series, Ben Bowlin explores the differences between states of matter to determine just how much stuff fits in the Prius v.
Science on the Go: Part 2: Solid Mass
Anything that has a rigid, set structure is a solid -- Mardi Gras costumes, for example, retain a fixed volume and shape. In this clip, Ben crams several different types of solid matter into the Prius v.
Science on the Go: Part 3: Liquid Mass
Unlike solid matter, a liquid has a fixed volume but no fixed shape. Tune in as Ben explores the liquid storage capacity of the Prius v, using several unorthodox examples.
Science on the Go: Part 4: Gaseous Mass
How many balloons can you fit in a Prius v? Since gaseous matter has no fixed volume or shape, it can be compressed when stored. Listen in to learn more about gas.
Science on the Go: Part 5: Plasma
As a state of matter, plasma is a bit like gas -- except that the particles may be ionized. While this state of matter may sound rare and bizarre, it's fairly easy to find (once you know where to look). Tune in to learn more about plasma.
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