Understanding Bridges
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Understanding: Bridge Designs
On TLC's "Understanding," learn about the factors that affect bridge design and the three basic bridge design types: beam, arch and suspension.
Understanding: Bridge Infrastructure
See what can happen to the infrastructure of a bridge such as the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC as the result of neglect and poor maintenance. Learn more about bridges on The Learning Channel's "Understanding."
Understanding: Bridge Movement
On TLC's "Understanding," computers are used to design and create bridge elasticity or movement which is an essential component of protection from disasters.
Understanding: Cable Stay Bridge Design
On the Learning Channel's "Understanding," the disastrous collapse of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay paved the way for a cable-stayed bridge design. This design offered more strength while using less material.
Understanding: Demolition of a Bridge
On the Learning Channel's "Understanding," witness the demolition of the Sunshine Skyway bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Understanding: Future Bridges
On TLC's "Understanding," smart bridge designs for the future are explored. Fiber optics and anti-corrosive high performance materials are discussed as possible, albeit expensive, options for bridge maintenance and life extension.
Understanding: History of Bridge Construction
On the Learning Channel's "Understanding," learn about John Roebling, an ingenious engineer who used steel cabling to design longer bridges. Roebling's designs became the building block for modern bridge construction.
Understanding: Seismic Retrofitting
On TLC's "Understanding," after the Loma Prieta earthquake, and the resulting collapse of the Bay Bridge, seismic retrofitting is introduced in bridge design in an effort to make bridges stronger.
Understanding: Tacoma Narrows Bridge
On TLC's "Understanding," wind pressure caused violent waving of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge earning it the nickname "Galloping Gertie." The bridge collapsed four months after opening because it did not have an aerodynamic design.
Understanding: Underwater Bridge Inspection
On TLC's "Understanding," we take a look at the necessity of underwater and waterline bridge inspections. Inspectors check for erosion and corrosion which make bridges more vulnerable to collapse.