10 Robots With Dirty Jobs


Attendants to the Porcelain Throne

Scooba 230 stands ready to terminate some pee stains.
Scooba 230 stands ready to terminate some pee stains.
Image courtesy iRobot

Enough war stories from the sewer bot. Let's move on to a battlefield you can relate to: your toilet. You've probably seen your share of Roomba vacuum cleaners in your time, but this is their cousin, the Scooba 230. Roughly the size of a personal pan pizza, this little guy is designed to squeeze in right next to the toilet tank to clean up all that splashed man-urine.

Working in 20 to 45 minute sessions, the Scooba 230 washes, scrubs and then squeegee vacuums up to 150 square feet (13.9 square meters) of bathroom. Manufacturer iRobot even claims this bot can mop up the harmful bacteria responsible for Staphylococcus aureus infections in two passes [source: iRobot].

Scooba 230 handles the floors, but the inside of the toilet bowl itself falls to you, the human -- at least for now. Some enterprising folks at Israel's Ariel University Center created a toilet-washing robot prototype that lives on the side of your commode. He looks the other way while you do your business, then hops to action when you leave, reaching in with a mechanical arm to brush out the bowl [source: Robot Magazine]. See, he's the one seated at the end of the bar, silently stirring his drink.

Let's keep mingling. You haven't even met all the poop-related bots.