10 Robots With Dirty Jobs


Robots to Manhandle Human Corpses

Robots: Their work is never over (even when we are).
Robots: Their work is never over (even when we are).
Image courtesy FNSNF

The last two robots we're going to talk to are situated apart from all their fellow mechanoids. They enjoy their drinks in the shadows and keep to themselves, because their occupations are as ghoulish as they are necessary.

Meet Virtobot. She performs virtual autopsies at Switzerland's University of Bern's Institute of Forensic Medicine, as well the United States' Dover Air Force Base.

What does "virtual autopsy" mean? Why it means Virtobot leaves the bone saws and cadaver shears to the humans, relying instead on stereo cameras and a computerized tomography (CT) scanner. She records a corpse's external conditions with the cameras and maps its insides with the CT scanner. The result? A complete 3-D computer model of the deceased.

Oh look, she's checking you out right now. I can see you're feeling self-conscious, so let's meet one last patron at the robot bar.