10 Cool Things About Neil deGrasse Tyson

Chatted With Superman
NDT got some facetime with Superman in Action Comics 14. iStock Vectors/Getty Images

When was the last time you picked up a comic book and discovered one of the world's reigning astrophysicists immortalized in picture and panel? No, we hadn't seen one either. Until Neil deGrasse Tyson's pivotal appearance in Action Comics 14, the one where he helps Superman catch a glimpse of his home planet.

When DC Comics asked Tyson to let them use his likeness in the comic book, he not only said yes, he offered to ground the storyline in scientific fact.

Since it wouldn't be possible to see a planet as far away as Krypton (if it existed), Tyson chose an actual red star named LHS 2520 for Krypton to orbit. Then, adding a bit of fiction, Tyson had Superman harness the power of all the telescopes on Earth to view the explosion of his home planet, which actually happened 27 years in the past but was just now visible on Earth (thanks to the speed of light and other laws of the universe).

The awesomeness of Superman aside, perhaps the best thing about Action Comics 14 is seeing Tyson drawn wearing one of his signature star-themed vests [source: Holmes].