10 Women Who Broke New Ground in Engineering

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Meet the World's Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge

Meet the World's Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is an engineering marvel. HowStuffWorks looks at this amazing structure.

Author's Note: 10 Women Who Broke New Ground in Engineering

Writing about these accomplished women reminded me of something surprising I learned about architecture and engineering years ago. Architects often have this glamorous reputation as being busy with the business of designing buildings and seeing them through to completion, when really, very few architects ever design anything that actually gets built. Engineering is similar in that most engineers do the background work and planning in very specialized areas, and very few conceive an entire dam, bridge or infrastructure project. You would really have to love calculating and solving problems for the sake of pure engineering to choose it as a career, because it's really a team operation, with most members in the background their entire lives.

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