Meteorological Instruments

Meteorology is a complicated science that requires sophisticated tools to study the atmosphere. These tools help scientists understand the unpredictable nature of the weather.

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How Weather Balloons Work

Have you ever wondered how weather stations gather all of their data? Even though technology for predicting the weather has improved, simple weather balloons do a lot of the hard work every day.

How the Totable Tornado Observatory Worked

When the earliest tornado on record was observed, onlookers called it a "steeple of fire." Technological advancements like the Totable Tornado Observatory have since helped demystify these powerful storms.

How the Tornado Intercept Vehicle Works

Tornado chasers generally stay about a mile away from the tornado itself -- but not IMAX cinematographer Sean Casey. He has built a Tornado Intercept Vehicle and hopes to withstand a direct hit. Check it out.