Meteorologists do much more than predict the weather on the evening news - they're crucial to our understanding of how the atmosphere interacts with our climate and weather. Here you can learn about meteorologists and their work.

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Fujita, Tetsuya Theodore

Fujita (foo JEE tuh), Tetsuya (tet SOO yuh) Theodore (1920 - 1998) was a Japanese-born American meteorologist.

Zhu Kezhen

Zhu Kezhen (1890 - 1974) was a Chinese scientist who became a well-known specialist in climatology, the science that deals with patterns of climate.

Abbe, Cleveland

Abbe, Cleveland (1838-1916), a United States meteorologist, often called the "father of the Weather Bureau." As director of the Cincinnati Observatory, 1868-73, Abbe issued daily weather reports, which led to the federal government's establishment of a national weather service.

Espy, James Pollard

Espy, James Pollard (1785--1860), a United States meteorologist. Espy's use of the telegraph to assemble weather data laid the foundations of weather forecasting.

Can China control the weather?

As a dominant world power, there's not much that China doesn't affect or control outright these days, including the weather. How did the superpower produce flawless skies for the biggest party of the year?