How the Navy SEALs Work

By: Lee Ann Obringer & Francisco Guzman  | 

Navy SEAL Gear

Like professionals in any other field, SEALs can only successfully do their jobs if they have the right tools. Their weapons, vehicles and other gear can help them not only perform their missions, but also come out of those missions alive.


It isn't uncommon for SEALs to need clothing for varying temperatures and tasks. For example, when swimming to shore for a mission, the SEAL may need gear for extremely cold water temperatures as well as warmer land temperatures. For cold weather, clothing must prevent heat loss resulting from all sources, including radiation and evaporation. The SEAL must often generate heat through physical activity, and then vent it if they move into a warmer location or begin to overheat due to extreme of exertion. Layering and ventilation allow for cooling and help keep perspiration from making clothing damp.



SEALs use firearms such as the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), SCAR-L and SCAR H with pistols carried as backup. They also use the FN SCAR as a sniper rifles such as the designated marksman rifle SSR and a personal defense weapon SCAR PDW. The FN SCAR was designed in Belgium and manufactured in the U.S.

SEALs also use the M4A1, which is a high-tech, multiple-use assault rifle. This AR is used in close quarters battle and counterterrorist operations. The M4A1 can also be converted to a grenade launcher or shotgun. Machine guns like the MK46 and MK48 are also used.