Top 10 Hotels That Will Scare the Daylights Out of You


Maribel Caves Hotel

It may not be a functioning hotel any longer, but the Maribel Caves Hotel in Wisconsin is still known for attracting guests who illegally camp out within its crumbling walls. Why? Maybe it has something to do with its famous nickname -- Hotel Hell. There's plenty to dispute when it comes to the hotel's history, but even the most skeptical visitor would have to admit that it's one of the scarier places you could visit. Some of the disputed claims include the following [sources: Howell, Unexplained Research]:

  • The hotel burned three times on the same date and glows under a full moon.
  • Skeletal remains are still on the unreachable third floor.
  • A hotel guest killed everyone in the hotel before taking his own life.
  • Black witches performed a ceremony that opened a portal to hell in the front yard fountain. The hellish demons haunted the town of Maribel until a white witch sealed the portal.
  • It served as a hideout for gangster Al Capone during prohibition.
  • Underground passageways exist.

Fortunately, most of the claims are merely urban legend. It simply may be a case of a creepy-looking abandoned building that attracted rumors. The hotel has apparently burned only once, and there's no evidence that any murders ever took place there. Al Capone never owned the hotel but may have used it for his moonshine operations. There are also no secret passageways, but the Maribel Caves are nearby -- they're merely natural underground caves. Even though the spooky claims have largely been disputed, it remains a scary destination -- so much so that the county is considering tearing down the dilapidated hotel to keep vandals out.