Plant terms are words and phrases that are used in botany. Plant terms describe plant life, growth, structure and classification. Knowing and understanding plant terms is vital to the study of botany.


Rust and Smut, plant diseases caused by a number of parasitic types of fungi and funguslike protists.

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  • Herbarium


    Herbarium, a collection of plants, preserved for storage and display and systematically arranged for scientific study. See more »

  • Houseplant


    Houseplant, a potted plant that is easily grown indoors. Houseplants provide decoration for the home and a hobby for the indoor gardener. See more »

  • Leaves


    Leaves, organs that grow from the stems of the higher plants. Leaves range in length from less than one inch (a few millimeters) in duckweeds to more than 50 feet (15 m) in some plants. See more »

  • Lespedeza


    Lespedeza, or Bush Clover, a group of annual and perennial herbs and shrubs native to eastern Asia, Australia, and North America. See more »

  • Missouri Botanical Garden

    Missouri Botanical Garden

    Missouri Botanical Garden, popularly called Shaw's Garden, a privately endowed garden and arboretum in Missouri. See more »

  • Morton Arboretum

    Morton Arboretum

    Morton Arboretum, an outdoor museum of trees, shrubs, and vines at Lisle, Illinois, 24 miles (39 km) west of downtown Chicago. See more »

  • Mosaic disease

    Mosaic disease

    Mosaic Disease, a virus disease of plants. The leaves of diseased plants usually turn a mottled dark green and light green, or yellow and green. See more »

  • Nectar


    Nectar, in botany, a sweet, sugary liquid secreted by flowers from glands, called nectaries, located at the base of the corollas and petals. See more »

  • New York Botanical Garden

    New York Botanical Garden

    New York Botanical Garden, an institution maintained by a private corporation and New York City. See more »

  • Organic Gardening

    Organic Gardening

    Organic Gardening, a type of gardening in which only naturally occurring materials are used in all the phases of plant growing—including soil improvement, fertilizing, and pest control. See more »

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