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Structural Engineering

Buildings and structures take careful planning in order to ensure that they don't collapse or fail in any way. Structural engineers analyze and study the way in which buildings support loads.

10 Cool Engineering Tricks the Romans Taught Us

When it came to building or improving things, the ancient Romans really knew their stuff. Which cool engineering tricks did they pass along to us?

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How Building Implosions Work

Safe, professional building implosions combine mathematics, intuition and sheer explosive power. Find out how the experts bring down huge structures without damaging the buildings nearby. See more »

How Skyscrapers Work

People build skyscrapers primarily because they are convenient -- you can create a lot of real estate out of a relatively small ground area. They're also awe-inspiring. Skyscrapers capture our imagination -- how high can we build them? Learn about the architecture and design of these monumental buildings. See more »

How Smart Structures Will Work

Smart Structures will completely change the way buildings react to earthquakes! See how they will work! See more »

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How did public fountains, like those in Rome, work without any type of motor to pump the water? See more »