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Towering Obelisks Are Everywhere. Here's Why They're So Awe-inspiring

Obelisks can be found in cities throughout the world, from Washington, D.C., to Paris, France. But what is the origin of these massive structures?

Fallingwater Is Considered Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece. Here's Why

Set over Bear Run, a tributary of the Youghiogheny River in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, Fallingwater is perhaps the architect's best-known work.

What's the Difference Between a Castle and a Palace?

Castles and palaces may seem the same, in their grandiose architecture and palatial structure. But the two buildings were constructed by monarchs for different purposes.

How the St. Louis Arch Stands Against All Odds

The St. Louis Arch was so spectacularly designed that, when construction kicked off in 1961, many predicted an epic failure.

How Brunelleschi Built the World's Biggest Dome

The dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the largest masonry dome ever built and still defines the city of Florence over 500 years later.

Landmark TWA Flight Center Now Stuns as Hotel

It took 22 government agencies and more than 180 firms to turn Eero Saarinen's groundbreaking airport terminal into a spectacular hotel.

7 Dazzling Details About the Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid was first received by the world in 1989 as an architectural joke, but 30 years later it's considered one of the world's most iconic design masterpieces.

Sagrada Familia Basilica Is Almost Finished, After Just 137 Years

Started in 1882, this beautifully ornate church is expected to be finally completed in 2026. It was the vision of architect Antoni Gaudí who conceived of it as a "forest in stone."

Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral in 7 Different Architectural Styles

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow is an architectural oddball, but travel company RealRussia decided to imagine what it would look like in seven more conventional architectural styles.

The World's Most Awe-inspiring Glass Buildings

How much do you know about architecture? How about architecture you can see through? The architects who designed these structures will blow you away with the buildings they created –- from glass.

Futuristic Architecture Pictures

While most '50s and '60s imaginings of future architecture didn't pan out, there are some futuristic-looking modern buildings that fit the bill. We'll show you some amazing examples of "future-tecture" in this gallery.

10 Innovative Architects to Watch

Move over, Gaudi, Gehry and Wright. There are some new architectural players on the scene, and they're shaping our world in unique and innovative ways.

How will the future of architecture change the way we live?

As much as we'd all love to hang our hats in Jetsons-style bubble homes in the future, it's likely that future domiciles will be more practical than fantastical.

10 Most Famous Architects Who Ever Lived

We see buildings pop up and get torn down all the time, but some structures (and the masters who designed them) were built to last. Who are some of the most inspiring architects in history?

10 Most Copied Architects

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then these 10 architects have gotten loads of compliments throughout the history of design. Who are they?

What are the different types of architectural home styles?

Dozens of different types of architectural home styles from Federal to Mediterranean exist in the United States. Learn about the different types of architectural home styles in this article.

Awesome Architecture Image Gallery

From the Taj Mahal to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Fallingwater, flip through these beautiful examples of architecture.

How Frank Lloyd Wright Worked

Frank Lloyd Wright likely is best known for his architectural stylings and his eye for detail. But there was much more to the man: He liked fast cars, he loved women and he drew inspiration from Japanese art. How did that translate to his architecture?

Michelangelo Buildings

Michelangelo was not only a great sculptor; he was also a master builder. He loved cities over nature and although had many architectural feats under his name, he often declared that he was not an architect. See the famous buildings of Michelangelo.

What exactly is a blueprint?

If you've ever seen a construction site, you may have noticed that the general plans for construction are drawn out in the form of blueprints. What exactly are blueprints, though, and how are they made? Find out in this article.