Azalea, a flowering shrub. There are about 25 species of azaleas, which are native to the north temperate zone, especially in North America and eastern Asia. Azaleas are popular garden plants and some species are grown indoors.

Azaleas grow from 1 to 20 feet (30 cm to 6 m) in height, depending on the species. The flowers, which are funnel-shaped, can be white, yellow, orange, purple, or red. Most azaleas are deciduous.

Azaleas belong to the heath family, Ericaceae. Gardeners generally regard azaleas as a separate genus (genus Azelea), but botanists place them in the same genus as the rhododendrons, genus Rhododendron.

Azalea flowers,Azalea flowers, which are funnel-shaped, can be many colors.