Calla, a tropical plant having a showy, bell-shaped leaf. This leaf, which resembles the flower of a lily, is called the spathe. It surrounds a column of tiny flowers, called the spadix. The spathes of cultivated callas are red, yellow, or rose-red. Because of the shape and color of the spathe, the plant is sometimes called the calla lily.

The water, or bog, arum is a perennial calla found in swamps and bogs in Europe, Asia, and eastern North America. It has a white spathe. The white calla, or arum lily, native to South Africa, is a popular florist plant. It has a yellow spadix and a large white spathe.

Callas belong to the family Araceae. The water arum is Calla palustris. The arum lily is Zantedeschia aethiopica.

The callaThe calla is a tropical plant with a showy, lily-shaped leaf.