Star-of-Bethlehem, a low perennial herb of the lily family. Although originally from the Mediterranean region of Europe, the star-of-Bethlehem is now a common American garden plant. It grows from a bulb and reaches a height of about one foot (30 cm). Amid its narrow, grasslike leaves is a flower stalk bearing a loose cluster of 12 to 20 white flowers. Each flower in the cluster has three petals and three sepals (parts that resemble petals). All are pointed and are pure white above and green with white margins underneath. The flowers open only in full sunshine and close early in the day. The flowers somewhat resemble six-pointed stars and the plant's name refers to the star that led the wise men to Jesus' birthplace.

Star-of-Bethlehem is Ornithogalum umbellatum of the family Liliaceae.

Star-of-BethlehemStar-of-Bethlehem is a low perennial herb of the lily family.