Top 10 Eco-friendly Substitutes for Plastic


Grape Waste

grape skins
Bags of pressed out grape skins from a winery are about to be discarded in the south of France.
Jonathan Macagba/Getty Images

The winemaking industry produces a lot of grape waste — basically the solid material that's left behind after grapes are pressed to extract the juice that's fermented into wine. (That amounts to about 25 percent of the weight of the grapes).

But an Italian company, Vegea, is using the grape waste to make a synthetic leather that could replace vinyl imitation leather, and also into fabric for clothing.

According to an article in Horizon, the European Union's technology innovation magazine, Vegea already has produced a fashion line of sample wearable products for apparel company H&M, which were put on display at a 2017 exhibition. It included dresses, shoes and bags made of the grape waste material.

Vegea is now in the process of scaling up its production capacity to manufacture the grape-waste apparel items for sale to clothing stores, so you soon should be able to add grape waste to your wardrobe. The grape-waste material could eventually show up in furniture and automobiles as well [source: Ceurstemont]