Top 10 Hotels That Will Scare the Daylights Out of You


Logan Inn

At this hotel, you might find that instead of being greeted in the parking lot by a valet attendant, you're greeted by the ghost of a young girl. Visitors have reportedly seen the apparition there on multiple occasions. In fact, the whole town has a reputation for being haunted, but the Logan Inn in particular is known for spectral specimens.

The tale varies, but apparently room 6 is a sight to see (if you get lucky in terms of the whims of the dead). Sometimes called Emily's room, sometimes recognized as the haunt of an unidentified man who won't look upon the living, the room is highly requested by paranormal enthusiasts. A Revolutionary War soldier is also in the mix, and the scent of lavender may alert you that something ghostly is in the works. The purported dead of this hotel are as varied as they are mobile.