Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

How Natural Burial Works

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust -- unless of course you've been embalmed, buried in a steel and hardwood coffin and interred in a concrete vault. For some people, the luxurious excess that accompanies traditional burial is no longer appealing.

How the MARS Turbine Will Work

If, in a few years, you begin to see scores of blimps floating overhead, don't be alarmed. They're MARS turbines, and they could be an aerial solution to the energy problem.

Is there a way to get energy for free?

Are wind farms and other renewable energy sources the closest we can come to free energy? Isn't there some crackpot invention out there that you can set up in your backyard?

Could military strategy win the war on global warming?

Environmentalists have found a way to harness the military precision of missile-tracking technology for a decidedly nonviolent mission: replanting forests. So what do C-130 aircraft have to do with reforestation?

How Alang Shipyard Works

In this mass graveyard, workers dismantle 52,000-ton ships using simple hand tools. Why would anyone want to work at Alang? Is this place doing the world a service by recycling obsolete ships?

Could Salter's Duck have solved the oil crisis?

Its name sounds more like a beach tourist attraction than an alternative energy source. Could this Duck have prevented our current oil dependence? Is the renewable energy of waves the wave of our future?

What's BPA, and do I really need a new water bottle?

That water bottle shoved in your bag may be providing you with more than just a cold drink. Do you know what chemical you're washing down with that water?

How Carbon Capture Works

We know that we fuel global warming with our carbon emissions. What if we could seize all that carbon and squirrel it away in a safe place? Well, we can.

How Wetlands Work

Wetlands may look murky and even creepy, but their value is clear. They soak up floodwaters and filter runoff before it enters our lakes and streams. How can we protect these spongy areas?

Why does One Planet Living want us to live like Europeans?

Our big cars and big appetites are taking a big toll on the environment. Overconsumption contributes to the depletion of Earth's resources, and some countries are taking more than their share.

How Algae Biodiesel Works

With the global food crisis, some people feel that using food to make biofuel just doesn't make sense. Could algae be a solution? How could algae possibly fuel cars and even airplanes?