Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

Did the Mayan civilization end because of climate change?

Over the years, many theories have been advanced about why the once-mighty Mayan civilization fell. But a newer one is getting attention: Was it because of climate change?

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  • What is clean coal technology?

    What is clean coal technology?

    Clean coal -- isn't that an oxymoron? Not anymore. See how energy companies are using coal in cleaner ways to generate massive amounts of electricity. Alternative fuels may be making headway, but coal isn't used up yet. Find out why. See more »

  • What is corn plastic?

    What is corn plastic?

    You may think of corn as something you slather in butter and salt and wolf down at dinner. But everyone's favorite summertime vegetable has a new look, and it may be reducing our dependence on foreign oil. See more »

  • What is Forest Stewardship Council certification?

    What is Forest Stewardship Council certification?

    A high demand for lumber and paper can lead to deforestation, which can deplete forests, threaten wildlife and contribute to global warming. That's where the Forest Stewardship Council certification comes in. See more »

  • What is grass banking?

    What is grass banking?

    If ranchers and landowners invest in grass banks, will their payout be nothing but green? Or is grass banking a temporary solution, delaying Mother Nature's inevitable bankruptcy? See more »

  • What is green gaming?

    What is green gaming?

    The worst bad guys in the world of video games aren't virtual. Vampire power, overpackaging and energy-draining consoles make gaming unnecessarily bad for the environment. What are video game manufacturers doing to go green? See more »

  • What is Superfund Redevelopment?

    What is Superfund Redevelopment?

    What if you found out that the house you just purchased sits on land that used to be a toxic waste dump? Would you believe the EPA when it tells you you're safe? See more »

  • What is sustainable tourism?

    What is sustainable tourism?

    Tourism is one of the world's largest exports, but it can often leave the locals with the short end of the stick. Sustainable tourism helps visitors use their vacations to have fun in ways that benefit the local economy and ecology. See more »

  • What is the cheapest new alternative energy?

    What is the cheapest new alternative energy?

    Researchers have been working hard over the past several years to develop new forms of alternative energy that are both cheap and environmentally friendly. Is there one fuel in particular that will save you the most? See more »

  • What is the future of bioplastics?

    What is the future of bioplastics?

    Bioplastics, or plastics derived from plant materials, can help alleviate many of the pollution problems that regular plastics create, but this eco-friendly alternative isn't an environmental panacea. See more »

181-190 of 215
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