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Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

How Relief Wells Work

Relief wells made the news as a possible method to cut off the Gulf Coast oil leak, but that's not all they're used for. How do these wells prevent and stop dangerous overflows?

How Earthwatch Works

Earthwatch, the nonprofit group for volunteer-assisted research, focuses on environmental sustainability. Read more about Earthwatch and its mission. See more »

What does global warming have to do with the decline in the polar bear population?

Polar bears and global warming are getting attention from conservationists and the general public. See why polar bears are threatened by global warming. See more »

What one thing should I recycle?

You've probably wondered what one thing should I recycle. Learn what one thing you should recycle among the familiar recyclable goods. See more »

Can baking soda save the environment?

Can baking soda save the environment? Learn why a corporation called Skyonic hopes baking soda will save the environment. See more »

How Ecofeminism Works

Ecofeminism is a social movement that combines elements of feminism with ecology. Learn about ecofeminism and famous ecofeminists. See more »

How Living Off the Grid Works

Living off the grid is becoming a popular choice for those looking to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. See how you can start living off the grid. See more »

Can we bury our CO2 problem in the ocean?

The CO2 problem we are facing could be solved if the excess CO2 is stashed someplace like the ocean. Learn about solutions to the CO2 problem. See more »

What if the U.S. put all its trash in one giant landfill?

One giant landfill for all the trash in the entire United States would have to be massive. Learn about using one giant landfill for the United States. See more »

Have we reached peak oil?

The theory of peak oil is the point at which the Earth's oil supply will start to dwindle. Learn more about the basis behind the theory of peak oil. See more »

How Organic Farming Works

Organic farming does not use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic hormones. Learn more about organic farming and organic farming standards. See more »