Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

Can we harness energy from outer space?

As alternative energy sources sputter to take off on Earth, scientists are turning an eye toward space. What are the most promising celestial options, and when could they be in use?

How Seed Banks Work

Scientists are stockpiling the world's seeds, organizing them in giant libraries of planting possibilities. Is every type of plant included? Or, are the seeds of pesky plants shunned?

How Thin-film Solar Cells Work

You might think of solar panels as large racks of rigid panels on someone's roof, but newer solar cells are more flexible and efficient.

How Gray Water Reclamation Works

Why waste drinkable water on your yard when your old bathwater will suffice? That's the idea behind gray water reclamation -- getting the most out of your water through reuse.

How Sustainable Communities Work

A sustainable community might not be as radical as you think. What's so crazy about minimizing waste, reducing consumption and preserving green space?

How Earth Works

You've finally cleaned out your garage. Four cans of paint, a dead car battery and a circa 1991 Nintendo sit before you. But where in the world do you recycle these items?

How can adding iron to the oceans slow global warming?

Popeye used the iron from spinach to morph into a formidable sailor. We know that iron is an essential component of the human body. But could it also be the answer to global warming?

Is a zero-carbon, zero-waste, zero-car city on the horizon?

How will Abu Dhabi's Masdar City function without cars, skyscrapers and fossil fuels? How is such a city even possible -- and what will keep it running?

How Earthwatch Works

Do you want to go on a volunteer vacation where you observe grey whales and save the world? The nonprofit organization Earthwatch sends volunteers like you to assist scientists on expeditions all around the world.

What does global warming have to do with the decline in the polar bear population?

Polar bears are facing a grim future as global warming melts their Arctic home. What problems are they up against and what's being done to save them?

What one thing should I recycle?

Not all recycling is created equal. Some familiar recycled items are more "worth it" than others, and the hands-down winner may be in your recycling bin right now.