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Structural Engineering

Buildings and structures take careful planning in order to ensure that they don't collapse or fail in any way. Structural engineers analyze and study the way in which buildings support loads.

10 Cool Engineering Tricks the Romans Taught Us

When it came to building or improving things, the ancient Romans really knew their stuff. Which cool engineering tricks did they pass along to us?

What if I wanted to build a Great Pyramid today?

To build a Great Pyramid today you would run into cost and labor issues that didn't exist in ancient Egypt. Learn about building a pyramid today. See more »

What if the Hoover Dam broke?

Hoover Dam is a marvel of modern engineering, but have you ever wondered what would happen if it broke? Learn about a potential Hoover Dam disaster. See more »

What if the Alaska Pipeline blew up?

The Alaskan pipeline is truly a marvel of modern engineering, but what would happen if it blew up? Learn about the Alaskan pipeline in this article. See more »

How Pyramids Work

Pyramids are some of the most amazing structures ever created by man. Learn about pyramids and the technology used to construct the ancient pyramids. See more »

How Roller Coasters Work

Roller coasters are thrilling rides and fascinating studies in physics. Learn about the history, physics and construction of roller coasters. See more »

How Tunnels Work

Constructing a tunnel is one of the most complex challenges in the field of civil engineering. Learn about the basics behind tunnels. See more »

What is a levee?

A levee is a critical safety feature for low-lying areas, such as New Orleans. When a levee breaks, surrounding land faces massive destruction. See more »

How the World Trade Center Worked

The World Trade Center is explained in this article. Learn about the World Trade Center. See more »

How Water Slides Work

It's a leap of faith onto a curvy, steep, wet chute... Discover how the principles of physics are at work on with water slides. See more »

How Wave Pools Work

When the heat sets in, there's nothing like a day at the water park to cool things down -- water parks and their massive wave pools are a huge weekend attraction. Ever wonder what kind of machinery it takes to produce a wave? Learn exactly how an ocean-like surf is created. See more »