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Future Space

What is the future of space travel? Explore the technologies we’ll use to visit the stars in the near and not-so-near future, from space planes to robonauts.

How Light Propulsion Will Work

Like many new technologies, light propulsion was originally conceived as a tool of war and national defense. But the "Star Wars" missile defense system may eventually send rockets, rather than missile-destroying lasers, into space.

Could starships use cold fusion propulsion?

Could starships use cold fusion propulsion? Keep reading to learn about space travel and discover if starships could use cold fusion propulsion. See more »

How will we colonize other planets?

If we colonize other planets, it will clearly require a great deal of technology and resources. Find out if we will colonize other planets. See more »

How COSMIC Works

COSMIC is a groundbreaking project that's taking satellite technology to the next level. Learn about COSMIC in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Is it possible to terraform Mars?

To terraform Mars to make it habitable we would have to do more than just alter the land. Find out what it would take to terraform Mars. See more »

How soon will we be able to create a moon base?

A moon base could allow us to further explore the solar system. Learn about a moon base and find out how soon we will be able to construct a moon base. See more »

Will space tourism ever be a reality?

The space tourism reality will be here sooner than you might think. Learn about space tourism and space tourism reality. See more »

Could we really blow up an incoming asteroid with a nuclear bomb?

To blow up an asteroid with a nuclear bomb would be a major undertaking. Find if we can blow up an asteroid with a nuclear bomb. See more »

How will landing on Mars work?

Landing on Mars will be one of the most dangerous and rewarding space missions. Learn how landing on Mars will further our understanding of space. See more »

How can the moon generate electricity?

Moon electricity is generated from the moon's gravitational influence over tides on the Earth's surface. Learn how moon electricity is created from tides. See more »

Why is NASA playing with marbles?

Bill Cooke, NASA scientist, is regularly shooting marbles into carefully arranged piles of soil. Why is NASA paying this man to do something most of us would do for free? It's all about our return to the moon. See more »