Daphne, in botany, a genus of ornamental shrubs grown widely in Europe, North America, and Asia. The shrub is usually low and bears clusters of fragrant flowers. Daphnes bear either scarlet or yellow berries. The bark, leaves, and berries of most species are poisonous. Species common in North America include the Burkwood daphne, with white blossoms, and the February daphne, or mezereon, with lilac blossoms. The winter daphne of China and Japan is an evergreen with purple blossoms. The rose daphne, or garland flower, of Europe has pink blossoms.

Daphne is a genus of the daphne family, Thymelaeaceae. The Burkwood daphne is D. burkwoodii; February daphne, D. mezereum; winter daphne, D. odora; rose daphne, D. cneorum.