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Spaceflight covers topics related to human presence in outer space. Learn about weightlessness, astronauts and space tourism in this section.

What is a gimbal -- and what does it have to do with NASA?

Believe it or not, to get to space and back, NASA relies on a piece of technology that's been around for centuries. Just what is a gimbal, anyway?

How Space Camp Works

Space Camp is for kids and adults to learn about flight, engineering, astronomy and robotics. Learn about Space Camp and its programs and simulators. See more »

What is a gimbal -- and what does it have to do with NASA?

What is a gimbal -- and what does it have to do with NASA? Gimbals help ships and space ships stay correctly oriented. Find out what is a gimbal. See more »

Did NASA win the space race?

The space race between NASA and the Soviet Union began with the Soviet's successful Sputnik I. Find out what events played out during the space race. See more »

Will humans be living in space in the next 50 years?

Humans living in space is no pipe dream. Find out more about NASA's plan to have humans living in space within the next 50 years and why it's possible. See more »

How Spaceports Will Work

Spaceports are built to launch space tourism shuttles into space. How will these spaceports be different from airports? Learn more about spaceports. See more »

How do spacecraft re-enter the Earth's atmosphere?

Spacecraft re-entry into the Earth is a tricky process. Find out how spacecraft re-entry works and why spacecraft are likely to burn up upon re-entry. See more »

How RocketCam Works

RocketCam became important to space shuttle launches after the Columbia tragedy. Find out how RocketCam can help ground control properly diagnose a problem. See more »

How Fixing the Hubble Spacecraft Works

Fixing the Hubble spacecraft has been a part of many NASA missions since the telescope launched in 1990. Learn how fixing the Hubble spacecraft works See more »

How Virgin Galactic Works

Virgin Galactic is the first commercial space tourism company, offering flights to space. Read about Virgin Galactic. See more »