Spaceflight covers topics related to human presence in outer space. Learn about weightlessness, astronauts and space tourism in this section.

How does going to the bathroom in space work?

When nature calls, you have to listen. But when you're in microgravity, going to the bathroom can be a major challenge. How do astronauts get the job done?

How Space Camp Works

Kids from around the world flock to Huntsville, Ala., to attend Space Camp. What's so appealing about science class in the summer, and can a 40-year-old go to camp?

How Spacewalks Work

When astronauts talk moonwalking, they don't mean the Michael Jackson dance move. Spacewalks take an entire day of preparation -- and a 240-pound space suit.

How Spaceports Will Work

If the future of tourism lies in outer space, then we'll need to blast off those amateur astronauts from somewhere. Compared to the average airport, how space-age will these spaceports be?

What is a gimbal -- and what does it have to do with NASA?

Believe it or not, to get to space and back, NASA relies on a piece of technology that's been around for centuries. Just what is a gimbal, anyway?

Will humans be living in space in the next 50 years?

These outer space abodes will have to protect inhabitants from extreme temperatures, radiation and flying moon dust. One man is actually selling deeds for lunar property at $20 a pop. Seriously?

Did NASA win the space race?

This passive-aggressive peacetime contest between the USSR and the U.S. unofficially ended with the U.S. moon landing. But the Soviets also touted a long list of space race accomplishments. Who won?

How do spacecraft re-enter the Earth's atmosphere?

Blasting a spacecraft into space is one thing. Bringing it back in one piece is another. Spacecraft are likely to burn up into bits if they aren't specially insulated and designed for the ride.

How Fixing the Hubble Spacecraft Works

Since the Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990, it has been plagued with problems that require frequent repairs. How does NASA fix it?

How RocketCam Works

This video camera hitches a ride on the space shuttle to provide ground control with a bird's eye view of the launch. How could RocketCam have prevented the Columbia space shuttle tragedy?

Astronaut Pictures

Astronauts have a reputation for being the brave and skilled few willing to risk their lives by strapping themselves aboard a rocket and blasting into outer space. This collection of images highlights some of the many challenges they face.