Environmental Science

The environment is truly a thing of beauty and should be protected whenever possible. What can we do to save the environment, and what new technology is available to help us?

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Can we plug the hole in the ozone layer?

The ozone layer prevents much of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching the Earth. The bigger the hole in it gets, the more of this dangerous light reaches us. What can we do about it?

Could reversing global warming start an ice age?

When people talk about "the Ice Age," they generally mean the most recent one, but Earth has experienced them off and on for the last 600 million years. Are we on the brink of a new ice age?

Why does the North Pole move?

You probably know that the North Pole does not stay in the same spot. The North and South Poles can actually change positions. What causes this? Find out in this article.

How the Georgia Aquarium Works

The Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium. How did they build habitats for all the animals, and what does it take to keep them fed and healthy? Find out about the aquarium and learn about the animals that call it home.

What is the greenhouse effect?

We'd be up a creek without Earth's atmosphere and the greenhouse effect it provides, but it turns out that an overactive greenhouse effect can result in a similarly devastating outcome.

What Can I Do About Global Warming?

You hear about global warming all the time on the news. If you wanted to help, what could you do? Well, you could start with a light switch.

How Global Warming Works

Global warming has become a common term, but it’s not commonly understood. Learn about global warming and the greenhouse effect.

How Blackouts Work

You may remember the blackout that occurred on Aug. 14, 2003. It was the biggest in U.S. history. And just like every major blackout, it raised a lot of questions about how the power-distribution system works.

How Organic Food Works

Organic food promises freedom from synthetic ingredients. Find out what organic food is, how organic farming works, what the pros and cons are, and why you should care.

How Fire Works

Few things have done as much harm to humanity as fire, and few things have done as much good. Find out where fire comes from and see why it behaves the way it does. The answers might surprise you!

How Hydropower Plants Work

The basic idea isn't new, but the process of modern hydropower conversion is high-tech. Today's hydropower plants are some of the coolest machines ever constructed. Find out how rushing water generates power.

How Exploding Manholes Work

Manhole covers have been blasting out of the ground in New York City. Find out what causes these strange explosions and how powerful they really are.

How Quicksand Works

Countless movies and television shows depict quicksand as some kind of living creature that sucks its victims down into a bottomless pit, never to be heard from again. Well, you can't believe everything Hollywood tells you.

How Rip Currents Work

Rip currents are the number-one concern for beach lifeguards: About 80 percent of all beach rescues are related to rip currents. Learn what they are and what you should do if you get caught in one.

What Are the 'Four Cs' That People Talk About When Buying a Diamond?

Whenever people talk about buying diamonds, they keep mentioning the four Cs. What do they have to do with diamonds?

How Diamonds Work

Diamond engagement rings. Diamond anniversary bands. Diamond earrings and necklaces. And now, the right-hand diamond ring! The four Cs -- cut, clarity, carat and color. Find out what the fuss is all about.

How Barrier Islands Work

You've probably been spending your summers visiting a barrier island or two and you don't even know it! From Atlantic City to Miami Beach barrier islands are popular vacation spots and amazing ecosystems. Go exploring.

How Ozone Pollution Works

We want the ozone layer, but we don't want ozone pollution... Good in the atmosphere but bad on the ground? Find out about ozone pollution, how it affects you and what you can do about it.

How do plants compare to solar cells when it comes to collecting solar energy?

How do plants compare to solar cells when it comes to collecting solar energy? Would you get more power from an acre of ground by putting solar cells on it or by raising plants?

How the Eden Project Works

The Eden Project is an incredible set of massive greenhouses in Cornwall, England. Check out this amazing place!

Why are the waves on the U.S. West Coast larger than the waves on the East Coast?

If you ask anyone interested in surfing, they'll probably tell you that you need to be on the West Coast in order to find the biggest waves. But why is that? Why are the waves bigger on the West Coast when compared to the East Coast of the U.S.?

How Rainforests Work

This article will take you into the tropical rainforest to see what makes it such a bountiful environment for plants and animals. Plus, find out why the rainforests are in danger and look at some of the ways this affects humans.

How Oil Drilling Works

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster has generated renewed interest in the way we search for oil. What methods do we use to find and extract this commodity from the Earth?

How California's Power Crisis Works

Another series of rolling blackouts are hitting California. Learn why this is happening and how it affects you.

How can water cut through steel?

How can water cut through steel? A device called a waterjet uses extreme force to cut through all sorts of things.