Environmental Science

The environment is truly a thing of beauty and should be protected whenever possible. What can we do to save the environment, and what new technology is available to help us?

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Shedding light on dark energy has been a bit of a challenge for today's astronomers. What dark energy actually is goes beyond our present scientific understanding.

By Talal Al-Khatib

No one would blame you if you're sick of hearing about carbon. Every day it seems there are news stories about rising carbon levels, carbon emissions and even the search for new carbon-based life forms

By Jamie Page Deaton

The United States is the world's top producer of oil, but it still depends on foreign countries for millions of barrels, as well. Will there ever be a time when the U.S. is totally independent when it comes to oil production?

By Cherise Threewitt & Sarah Gleim


As with most lessons, children learn by watching their parents, so it's up to you to teach them how to live a sustainable life.

By Emilie Sennebogen

While water falls from the sky in the form of rain, it may be hard to explain to your kids that clean water actually isn't infinite. We'll show you how to get the message across.

By Sara Elliott

Celebrated since 1970, Earth Day is a time to honor Mother Earth and pay attention to what we're doing to her. It's also a great day to get your kids involved.

By Sara Elliott

You probably do your best to make sure your children are environmentally responsible, but sometimes the whole family needs a little kick start. Here are five fun ways to teach your kids more about being green.

By Alison Cooper


Why can't we generate all the electricity we need from the wind? Learn more about generating energy from wind power.

By Michael Graham Richard, Planet Green

The cost of solar panels depends on how sunny it is where you live, how much you spend on electricity and what size PV system you need. Learn what factors into the cost of solar panels in this article.

By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

Insects and biodiversity go hand in hand. Without insects our planet would not survive as they are essential to biodiversity. Check out this gallery on the relationship between insects and biodiversity.

Biodiversity means rainforests and reefs teeming with species right? There's more to it than that though. Genetic diversity has a big role to play, too. Just ask that cheetah cub.

By William Harris & Austin Henderson


Do you ever play that game in which you select the items you'd bring if you got stuck on a desert island? Along with that treasured bootleg recording of your favorite band, we think that an endless supply of water should be at the top of your list. Here's why.

By Jonathan Atteberry

This green science image gallery shows eco-friendly applications as they apply to scientific disciplines. Take a look at these green science pictures.

Though not everyone agrees why the Earth is getting warmer, temperatures are inching up worldwide. A couple of degrees doesn't seem like such a big deal. What difference can a subtle change make?

By Jonathan Strickland

The mighty Romans certainly never thought it would happen to them, but the sun eventually sets on even the most powerful empires. Is there more to the story than war?

By Robert Lamb


The world of our far-future descendants may be as unrecognizable to us as our bustling, urbanized world would be to our bewildered ancient forefathers. Will energy drive many of those changes?

By Robert Lamb

A common misconception is that magma comes from the Earth's molten core. It really comes from the mantle, the layer between the core and the crust. Will it ever run out?

By Tracy V. Wilson

The global oil supply can't meet the demand forever. Will the last drops of oil lead to widespread anarchy, the end of globalization and the relentless exploitation of previously protected drilling sites?

By Robert Lamb & Sascha Bos

The Doll's Theater of Carlsbad Caverns looks otherworldly and took ages to form. What other incredible sights await us below ground?

By Julia Layton


Americans use a lot of gasoline -- hundreds of thousands of barrels each month, as a matter of fact. But did you ever wonder where all of that gas actually comes from?

By Jamie Page Deaton

These pics will take you to the jungles of Sumatra, the Niger delta and points in between all in the name of oil. Get ready to learn about oil all around the globe.

By Rick Mayda

We're currently suspended between two ages: a time dependent on fossil fuels and a future dominated by renewable energy sources. Yet not everyone is sold on this vision, so a number of myths about renewable energy persist.

By Robert Lamb

There's nothing particularly organic about a robot, even if you dress it in hemp and fuel it with alternative energy. But these five can help our planet one mechanical movement at a time.

By Robert Lamb


Sure, your hair dryer or toaster sucks up a lot of kilowatt-hours during the short time it's on, but what are the truly big drains on your home energy budget?

By Julia Layton & Sascha Bos

While rebates and tax credits have put solar power within reach for many homeowners, it's still an expensive undertaking. How do you make sure you get your money's worth?

By Julia Layton