10 Myths About Lightning

The Rubber Tires on a Car Will Protect You
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As far as covered structures go, a car is a completely reasonable and relatively safe place to seek refuge during a storm. Most vehicles, save those you might find rotting on cinder blocks in your neighbor Randy's unkempt front lawn, also sit on a set of rubber tires. Make no mistake, though: The tires are not what make a car a good shelter. The same thing goes for that old wives' tale about the rubber on the soles of your sneakers protecting you from being electrocuted in a thunderstorm.

The truth is that the couple of inches of rubber on a car's tires – and even less on those Adidas – isn't going to stop you from being struck by lightning. What makes a car a decent place to hide is that it's covered on all sides. So be sure to close the doors, roll up the windows and latch up the sun roof in the event of a storm. It will keep your ride dry and could save you from being lit up like a human Christmas tree. This also means that motorbikes and convertibles are lousy places to be, even though they have rubber wheels [source: NOAA].

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