What are the health benefits of laughter? What is happening in the brain when you're in love? What are the effects of isolation on the mind? Find out in these articles about human emotion.

Swearing Makes You Stronger, Study Finds

Yes, there might be another reason we reach for expletives when we're under stress.

How Empathy Works

Empathy is an important emotion that enables healthy relationships and fosters the development of a safe, secure world. But what happens when someone has too little — or too much?

What Makes Clowns So Creepy?

The recent unsettling spate of clowns disturbing America isn't the first time freaky greasepaint bozos weirded people out.

Now We're Stressed Out? History Shows It's the Oldest Emotion

New book says mental exhaustion has been with us since antiquity.

The Odd Empathy of Vicarious Embarrassment

If you're watching someone embarrass themselves on TV, it might make you squirm or even change the channel. But hey, at least you're empathetic.

Anatomy of a Laugh

A good guffaw involves way more than just sputtering a few hearty hee-hees.

American Horror Story: What Do Americans Fear the Most?

Here's a hint: You're more likely to find one haunting a backroom than an attic.

Is 'hangry' a real emotion?

Your stomach is growling, your boss is demanding and the cereal you ate for breakfast is a distant memory. Could having a little snack save you from (unwisely) screaming at your supervisor?

How do you criticize something without being a jerk?

No one likes being told they've done wrong, whether it's from a boss, spouse or parent. How can you do a better job of giving "constructive criticism" without coming across as obnoxious?

Do we remember bad times better than good?

Most people would recall every detail of being held up in a bank robbery but not so well the details of their last birthday party. The brain is wired for recalling trauma for a very good reason.