Do Aliens & UFOs exist? Has man been visited by other races from other worlds? Explore the fascinating evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrials.

Senator Russell Sees a UFO

In 1955, Georgia Senator Richard Russell saw a UFO while in Russia. The matter was classified until 1985, and not even Project Blue Book received the report. Learn more about the Russell UFO sighting.

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  • John Lear and the Dark Side

    John Lear and the Dark Side

    John Lear and is one of the chief conspiracy theorists of the so-called "dark side movement", which suspects a secret government of illicit dealings with aliens. Learn more about John Lear and the dark side. See more »

  • Majestic 12

    Majestic 12

    Majestic 12, or MJ-12, was a secret government research team. The team was tasked with investigating multiple UFO crash sites. Read more about the Majestic 12 letter to Jaime Shandera and the ensuing controversy. See more »

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black

    Men in black have been in UFO folklore since Albert Bender mysteriously shut down his International Flying Saucer Bureau. Where do men in black come from and whose interests do they serve? See more »

  • Mon-Ka of Mars

    Mon-Ka of Mars

    Mon-Ka is a Martian, rumored to have been communicating with the Earth since the mid-1950s. Dick Miller first popularized the hoax in London, and the story spread. Read how Mon-Ka's fooled the city of Los Angeles. See more »

  • Naked Aliens

    Naked Aliens

    Have aliens arrived on Earth naked? Two contactees claim that a naked alien has come to visit our planet in last century. How are their stories similar and how are they different? See more »

  • Olden Moore

    Olden Moore

    Olden Moore saw a UFO in Montville, Ohio, and after a trip to Washington, D.C., swore to secrecy. Why was Olden Moore taken to Washington and why did the Air Force get involved? See more »

  • Otis Carr

    Otis Carr

    Otis Carr was a businessman and hoaxster who founded OTC Enterprises to build and sell a free-energy spaceship, the OTC-X1. Read more about Otis Carr. See more »

  • Psychic Contact with UFOs

    Psychic Contact with UFOs

    Psychic contact with UFOs happened to Merry Lynn Noble in 1982, and she transformed her life afterwards. She found a new job and gave up alcohol, living with "new energy." Read about psychic contact with UFOs. See more »

  • Richard Sharpe Shaver, UFO Hoaxster

    Richard Sharpe Shaver, UFO Hoaxster

    Richard Sharpe Shaver was a controversial UFO storyteller promoted by magazine editor Ray Palmer in the 1940s. Shave wrote amazing stories about aliens called deros and teros. Some called him a crackpot; some called him a prophet. See more »

  • Ronald Reagan Sees a UFO

    Ronald Reagan Sees a UFO

    The Ronald Reagan UFO sighting occurred in 1974 while Reagan was flying to Bakersfield, California. Reagan told a reporter afterwards, but hasn't discussed the event since. Learn more about the Ronald Reagan UFO sighting. See more »

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