Aliens & UFOs

Do Aliens & UFOs exist? Has man been visited by other races from other worlds? Explore the fascinating evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrials.

In 1952, angel hair came drifting from the sky, falling over the French towns of Oloron and Gaillac. The short life of angel hair makes it difficult to analyze. Learn more about the history of angel hair UFOs.

UFO burns have been reported throughout this century, and witnesses have been burned by UFOs from Brazil to Indiana. Some of the injuries even appear similar to radiation poisoning. Learn more about UFO burns.

The North Hudson Park UFO appeared as George O'Barski was driving. The ship landed and 10 figures appeared, exited the craft, dug holes in the ground, and took off again. Read more about the North Hudson Park UFO.

The 1979 Minnesota UFO severely damaged the car of Sheriff Val Johnson while he was investigating a plane crash. What happened, and why did all the clocks start running 14 minutes behind?

The 1973 Missouri UFO brought James Richard out of bed and to his window, where he saw the UFO hovering in the trees outside. Learn about the 1973 Missouri UFO sighting.

The 1975 North Dakota UFO sighting and abduction happened to Sandy Larson, her daughter, and her boyfriend. They were taken from their vehicle and later returned to different seats. Check out the North Dakota UFO incident.

In 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora saw an egg-shaped UFO in Socorro, New Mexico -- and the pilots. The encounter was so incredible that government nvestigators from the secret Project Blue Book even came to investigate.

In 1955, Georgia Senator Richard Russell saw a UFO while in Russia. The matter was classified until 1985, and not even Project Blue Book received the report. Learn more about the Russell UFO sighting.

One night brought many UFO sightings in Levelland, Texas, reported by independent observers in different locations. the official explanation: "ball lightning." Learn more about the Levelland UFO reports.

J. Allen Hynek was a scientific advisor to Project Blue Book, the government UFO research group. As time went on, he had more and more difficulty toeing the party line on UFO phenomena. Learn more about J. Allen Hynek and his UFO research.

UFO Classification has six categories: nocturnal lights, daylight discs, radar/visual cases, and close encounters. Almost any type of UFO encounter can fit in one of these categories. Read more about UFO classification.

In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill reported that they were abducted by a UFO for two hours and underwent experiments. They eventually sought psychiatric help for subsequent disturbing dreams. Learn more about the Hill abduction.

Many people have reported alien abduction stories. Most of the abductees have shared their stories through hypnosis -- which causes wide disagreement about their validity. Read more about alien abductions.

In the Falcon Lake incident, Stephen Michalak approached a landed UFO, and was burned when the vehicle took off again. But he did manage to poke his head inside the craft before it launched. What did he see?

During the Lake Elmo UFO encounter in 1897, witnesses reported a strange figure carrying a lantern before taking off in a ship with red and green lights. Read more about the Lake Elmo UFO encounter.

Foo fighters have been reported by fighter pilots since World War II. Were they with the Axis or Allies, or maybe from another planet? Read more about reports of foo fighters and censorship of foo fighter sightings.

The 1808 UFO encounter in Biskopsberga, Sweden lasted over two hours as strange bubbles floated across the sky. Some of the bubbles dropped to the ground but soon dried and vanished. Read more about the 1808 Sweden UFOs.

The RB-47 UFO incident of 1957 was classified for years after it happened. Read how an RB-47 planed encountered two UFOs over Mississippi and Texas.

Olden Moore saw a UFO in Montville, Ohio, and after a trip to Washington, D.C., swore to secrecy. Why was Olden Moore taken to Washington and why did the Air Force get involved?

Men in black have been in UFO folklore since Albert Bender mysteriously shut down his International Flying Saucer Bureau. Where do men in black come from and whose interests do they serve?

In 1987 Peter Rojcewicz reported that men in black approached a man named Michael Elliot, offering secrets about the nature of UFO phenomena. Learn more about this hoax, the men in black encounter.

John Lear and is one of the chief conspiracy theorists of the so-called "dark side movement", which suspects a secret government of illicit dealings with aliens. Learn more about John Lear and the dark side.

Otis Carr was a businessman and hoaxster who founded OTC Enterprises to build and sell a free-energy spaceship, the OTC-X1. Read more about Otis Carr.

Majestic 12, or MJ-12, was a secret government research team. The team was tasked with investigating multiple UFO crash sites. Read more about the Majestic 12 letter to Jaime Shandera and the ensuing controversy.

UFO hoaxes became increasingly common in the wake of the spaceship craze of mid-1900s. From cow abductions to naked aliens, find links to UFO hoaxes and hoaxsters of the past century.