Space Exploration

Space exploration is a broad topic covering many facets of deep-space and planetary science. Learn about space probes, Mars Rovers, SETI and other out-of-this-world subjects.

NASA Urges You to Get Your Butt to Mars ... and Other Exciting Destinations

NASA/JPL unveils a suite of interstellar travel posters aimed at inspiring the next generation of innovators who'll take us there.

European Space Agency Floats Idea of Building Moon 'Village' by 2030

In the next few decades, the European Space Agency wants to build a moon base to conduct research and source raw materials that would aid in missions to deeper space.

Sorry, but Earth Is a Spark of Life in a Yawning, Dead Universe

Where did all the extraterrestrials go? According to a team of Australian astrobiologists, most of them are long dead.

NASA's Newest Graduating Class of Astronauts Achieves Gender Equality Milestone

NASA recently graduated its first class of astronauts with equal numbers of men and women. These astronauts could be on a future mission to Mars.

So Close! SpaceX's Falcon 9 Just Misses Sticking Landing on Drone Ship

The SpaceX team and its Falcon 9 rocket made history today when they attempted a very difficult landing at sea. Learn more at HowStuffWorks Now.

Why the Next Few Years Will Be a Boom Time for the Private Space Race

The commercial space industry is entering a growth spurt, with companies cutting costs with reusable launch vehicles, and governments joining forces with entrepreneurs.

We're Creating More Reusable Rockets. Here's Why That Matters

SpaceX. Blue Origins. Private companies are creating rockets like the Falcon-9 and New Shepard to revolutionize our relationship with space.

The Year in Space Exploration

Pluto was ready for its closeup. Mars has water. Dark matter matters. Our species keeps reaching for the stars, and 2015 was no exception...

What was the first telescope that humans launched into space?

The history of space exploration is full of firsts: first animal in space, first human on the moon, first probe to reach mars. But as they say, you've got to look before you leap. So what was the first telescope launched into space?

Why is it clearer to view space through an infrared telescope?

There's a lot to see in the universe. But while regular telescopes only reveal a tiny fraction of all the awesome stuff out there, infrared telescopes are here to save the day, opening our eyes to limitless galactic wonders.