Observatories are structures designed and equipped for observing astronomical events. In this section you will learn all about famous observatories and the role they play astronomy.

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Radio telescopes can give us some impressive insights into the universe. This collection of pictures highlights some of the images these telescopes have captured.

By Rick Mayda

Not sure what you're seeing in the night sky? Astronomy software such as Stellarium makes stargazing easier by helping to explain what you're seeing when you look at the stars.

By Valerie Stimac

If your idea of photographing the stars has nothing to do with Hollywood, you might be interested in astrophotography -- the sky's literally the limit.

By Jessika Toothman


There are all kinds of telescopes, but you can make a simple one on your own. You'll need a few basic supplies and this step-by-step article. Get ready to star-gaze!

Do you love looking at beautiful pictures of the night sky? How do space photographers get those shots? And could you join their ranks?

By Valerie Stimac