Science Versus Myth

Are vampires real? What is an out-of-body experience? Are crop circles proof that aliens exist? HowStuffWorks explores what is real and what is urban legend with this collection of Science Versus Myth articles.

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Can Humans Have Superpowers?

Humans are awesome and we have superpowers of our own. But could a greedy world of "supervillains" twist them against us?

Hundreds Have Vanished from National Parks. Is Bigfoot to Blame?

More than 1,000 people have gone missing from U.S. national parks. Are there reasonable explanations or is there something more sinister at work?

Even Educators Believe Common Myths About Learning, Study Shows

According to new research, many people believe wildly inaccurate myths about the brain and learning — even those who know a lot about neuroscience.

In 1884, a Ship Was Discovered Totally Abandoned … and the Crew Was Never Found

No crew, sails set, fire still blazing in the galley — some ships wash up on shores under mysterious circumstances. The Resolven was one of them.

Still Searching for Bigfoot

Many people have sworn to have spotted Bigfoot. But does the elusive hominid exist?

How the Uncanny Valley Works

When a super-realistic android or video character gives us a creepy feeling, it enters the uncanny valley. Why do we get spooked, and what can we do to avoid it?

How Covfefe Works

Covfefe isn't as mysterious as everyone makes it out to be. We're here to explain.

Infrasound and Paranormal Activity: Are They Connected?

Can infrasound explain away ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal activity?

Is Scattering Someone's Ashes Technically Considered Littering?

It turns out you can't just scatter your loved one's ashes anywhere. So what can you do with them?

If Dragons Were Real, Could They Breathe Fire?

Dragon fire is an awe-inspiring thing, but exactly how would it happen? Real-world clues from nature point the way.

Beyond the Leprechaun: Weird Monsters Who Haunt Irish Mythology

A mysterious warrior with a silver arm? A giant subterranean king who could kill with a single glance? A dog-headed, overprotective mother? Yes! And more...

Can You Bury Someone in Your Backyard?

Depending on which state you live in, you may be able to bury your loved ones in your garden. But there are some things to think about.

Your Body Aches Have Nothing to Do With the Weather

New studies found no link between back pain, arthritis and the temperature, air pressure or humidity.

How Long Could Humanity Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Some physics students did the calculations, and the results are not pretty.

A Coffee Mug Made With the Ashes of Your Loved One

So many people are getting cremated these days that we're starting to get pretty creative about what we do with all those ashes.

Monster Science Digs Up Some Vampire Vixens From Nature

It's that creepy time of year again, and Dr. Anton Jessup is back for another series of Monster Science. In this episode, he meets up with some unexpected vampire vixens.

13 Not 12 Constellations in the Zodiac, NASA Points Out

Thousands of years ago, the Babylonians created the zodiac and dropped a constellation when it didn't quite fit into their schematic. Its name? Opiuchus.

Would Psychic Powers Really Cause a Nosebleed?

If mental strain caused a bloody nose, academic testing sites would be awash in crimson. So why do we still see psychic nosebleeds from "Stranger Things" to "Scanners"?

Chemtrails Can't Be Proven, Say Top Scientists — But Will That Sway Believers?

Top atmospheric scientists say there's no evidence those lines in the sky are part of some sinister government plot. But will that dissuade conspiracy theorists?

Contrails, Not Chemtrails, Say Scientists in New Study

Not sure what chemtrails are or where you stand on them? A newly published, peer-reviewed examination of the chemtrail hypothesis could be for you. We have the scoop.

Scientists Prove Schrodinger's Cat Can Be in Two Places at Once

A bunch of Yale physicists decided to give Schrodinger's cat not one but two boxes. And that, strangely enough, could eventually prove handy for quantum computing.

Mummified Buddhist Monk Gets Covered in Pure Gold

The Chinese monk was preserved in a ceramic vessel for almost four years, and turned into a statue to inspire others to devote themselves to the practice.

Thought Experiment: What If We Stopped Walking Upright?

Humans have only been bipedal for a sliver of history. What if we returned our spines to their original position and quit walking upright? What would that world be like?

Yes, Unicorns Were Real, if You Want to Call This One

A new study says a prehistoric rhino, dubbed the "Siberian unicorn," may have coexisted with humans.