Uncover the power of the mind and learn about the science (and pseudoscience) related to clairvoyance, ESP and other altered states of consciousness.

Why was Britain's Defence Ministry testing psychic powers?

A report declassified in late February 2007 under the UK's Freedom of Information Act reveals that Britain's Ministry of Defence has been testing psychics. Find out why.

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  • Do you really stay conscious after being decapitated?

    Do you really stay conscious after being decapitated?

    Decapitation is a surefire way to deliver a quick and painless death, right? In actuality, an increasingly large body of historical and scientific evidence suggests that beheading doesn't, in fact, deliver instant death. See more »

  • How can I have an out-of-body experience?

    How can I have an out-of-body experience?

    Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are most often associated with sick or injured people, but scientists recently produced these experiences in healthy people. Learn how virtual reality can scramble your point of view. See more »

  • How ESP Works

    How ESP Works

    Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or called a friend at the exact moment he was calling you? Most of us have had some sort of paranormal experience. Is this evidence of the existence of ESP? See more »

  • How Hypnosis Works

    How Hypnosis Works

    The practice of hypnotism dates back centuries, and there are those who swear by its validity. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, hypnosis is an interesting phenomenon. Check it out -- and let us know if you start to bark like a dog. See more »

  • How Near-death Experiences Work

    How Near-death Experiences Work

    Near-death experiences (NDEs) are seemingly supernatural events that some people have when they're at the brink of death. Find out who typically has them and how people have tried to explain them. See more »

  • How Nirvana Works

    How Nirvana Works

    The word "nirvana" gets thrown around in conversation all the time, often to describe a state of joy or supreme happiness. Actually, it's more than that -- a whole lot more. Find out what nirvana is. See more »

  • How Nostradamus Works

    How Nostradamus Works

    His words have been deemed prophetic for ages, and e-mail hoaxes claimed that he foresaw the events of September 11. Learn who Nostradamus was and what he really wrote. See more »

  • How Numerology Works

    How Numerology Works

    According to numerologists, everything in the world is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. But critics charge that numerology is based on an invented system of counting. Learn about the history of numerology and what modern-day numerologists believe. See more »

  • How Tarot Cards Work

    How Tarot Cards Work

    It isn't actually about telling your fortune, and it's not even about telling you what you should do. So, why would people seek out a Tarot reading? Learn what the Tarot cards may be able to show you. See more »

  • What is déjà vu?

    What is déjà vu?

    Déjà vu is used to describe the feeling that you experienced a situation before. What causes this phenomenon? It’s not a glitch in the matrix, but most of our knowledge on the subject is still theoretical. See more »

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