Aliens & UFOs

Do Aliens & UFOs exist? Has man been visited by other races from other worlds? Explore the fascinating evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrials.


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The RB-47 UFO Encounter

The RB-47 UFO incident of 1957 was classified for years after it happened. Read how an RB-47 planed encountered two UFOs over Mississippi and Texas.

Olden Moore

Olden Moore saw a UFO in Montville, Ohio, and after a trip to Washington, D.C., swore to secrecy. Why was Olden Moore taken to Washington and why did the Air Force get involved?

Men in Black

Men in black have been in UFO folklore since Albert Bender mysteriously shut down his International Flying Saucer Bureau. Where do men in black come from and whose interests do they serve?

The Men in Black Encounter

In 1987 Peter Rojcewicz reported that men in black approached a man named Michael Elliot, offering secrets about the nature of UFO phenomena. Learn more about this hoax, the men in black encounter.

John Lear and the Dark Side

John Lear and is one of the chief conspiracy theorists of the so-called "dark side movement", which suspects a secret government of illicit dealings with aliens. Learn more about John Lear and the dark side.

Otis Carr

Otis Carr was a businessman and hoaxster who founded OTC Enterprises to build and sell a free-energy spaceship, the OTC-X1. Read more about Otis Carr.

Majestic 12

Majestic 12, or MJ-12, was a secret government research team. The team was tasked with investigating multiple UFO crash sites. Read more about the Majestic 12 letter to Jaime Shandera and the ensuing controversy.

UFO Hoaxes

UFO hoaxes became increasingly common in the wake of the spaceship craze of mid-1900s. From cow abductions to naked aliens, find links to UFO hoaxes and hoaxsters of the past century.

Howard Menger and UFO Contactees

Howard Menger said he was a UFO contactee, and even made a free energy device based on UFO science. Other contactees have made similar claims and dubious business ventures. Read about Howard Menger and other UFO contactees.

Naked Aliens

Have aliens arrived on Earth naked? Two contactees claim that a naked alien has come to visit our planet in last century. How are their stories similar and how are they different?

The 1884 Nebraska Crash

In 1884 a UFO crash in Nebraska sent flaming bits of machinery flying through the air and startled residents. The long, cylindrical ship later disappeared when it rained. Read more about the 1884 Nebraska crash.

Star People

Star People are those who, according to Brad Steiger, live on Earth to prepare for the arrival of our alien relatives. Star People have unique traits that set them apart from ordinary humans. Read more about Star People.

The Straith Letter

The Straith Letter was fabricated by two UFO writers. The letter alleged U.S. State Department had significant evidence about extraterrestrial life. Read how the fake letter from a government official fooled UFO contactee George Adamski.

Bob Lazar, UFO Hoaxster

Bob Lazar claimed to have worked in the S-4 section of Area 51. On that top-secret Nevada research base, he claimed to see anti-gravity reactors and flying saucers in person. How truthful were his extravagant tales?

The Maury Island UFO Incident

The Maury Island UFO incident was a UFO encounter concocted by Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl. Even after they confessed, this tale remained widespread, living up to its reputation as the "dirtiest hoax in UFO history."

Mon-Ka of Mars

Mon-Ka is a Martian, rumored to have been communicating with the Earth since the mid-1950s. Dick Miller first popularized the hoax in London, and the story spread. Read how Mon-Ka's fooled the city of Los Angeles.

George Adamski and the Space Brothers

George Adamski preached an interplanetary gospel based on contact with UFOs and aliens. Though serious investigators scoffed, he earned wide attention. Read about George Adamski and his "Space Brothers."

Ashtar, Master of the Universe

Ashtar is an interstellar ruler and leader of millions of extraterrestrials who is said to have contacted George van Tassel. Learn more about Ashtar.

The 1897 Cow Abduction Hoax

In 1897 Alexander Hamilton reported a cow abduction by a UFO that appeared at his farm in Kansas. How did he fool people for half a century, and even get the made-up story in the newspaper?

Richard Sharpe Shaver, UFO Hoaxster

Richard Sharpe Shaver was a controversial UFO storyteller promoted by magazine editor Ray Palmer in the 1940s. Shave wrote amazing stories about aliens called deros and teros. Some called him a crackpot; some called him a prophet.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack is a legendary English character. He was a mysterious a Victorian-era murderer, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, leaving a trail of tragedy in his wake. Read why some think Spring Heeled Jack may have been an alien humanoid.

Ether Ships

The theory of ether ships is one of many UFO theories that seek to explain UFO phenomena. Ether ships have strange properties that allow them to travel widely. Read about ether ships and where they might come from.

Hollow Earth Theory

Hollow earth theory was the brainchild of John Cleves Symmes, who sought to explore Earth's center, where UFOs supposedly come flying in and out. Read why some believe UFOs live inside the Earth.

The Oz Factor

The Oz Factor is a sensation that UFO witnesses experience. Learn where the term "Oz Factor" came from, and what the experience is like.

Space Animals

John Philip Bessor originally theorized that UFOs could be a form of space animal. These organisms may even be carnivorous. Learn more about space animals and the UFO critter theory.