Alloys of Copper

Among the many alloys of copper are the following:


5 to 40 per cent zinc, with or without small amounts of other metals such as tin.


An alloy of copper that often contains tin and that may also contain phosphorus, lead, nickel, aluminum, iron, or manganese.

Gun Metal

88 per cent copper, 8 per cent tin, and 4 per cent zinc.

Bell Metal

60 to 85 per cent copper, with the remainder tin.

Nickel Coinage

75 per cent copper and 25 per cent nickel.

Nickel Silver,

formerly called German Silver 55 to 65 per cent copper, with the remainder nickel and zinc in various proportions.

Monel Metal

25 to 35 per cent copper, 60 to 70 per cent nickel, and 1 to 6 per cent iron.

Sterling Silver

7.5 per cent copper and 92.5 per cent silver.